For The Love of Toilet Paper

Y’all. I need toilet paper. And not like, I need to hoard rolls and rolls of it in my basement. Like, our family of four has two rolls left in our whole house. If you are one of the people buying it all up as soon as it is stocked on the shelves, reach out and tell me why!!

Please do not think I am not taking Covid-19 seriously. As a nurse, I am very worried about the impacts this virus is having. It is frightening and devastating in many ways. But am I panicking? No. Panic will only set us up for worse scenarios.

All of these closures, restrictions, and requests for social distancing are being put in place for a reason. It seems daunting and ominous, but if followed, the hope is that the effect of the virus is not as fatal to as many people.

That being said, you don’t need to go buy all the things just because you can. Thanks to you bulk buyers, some people are having to go without. Or are having to go out to more than one store looking for necessities. Toilet paper is one thing, but the soap too? We need EVERYONE to have proper hygiene (and social distancing) in order to help combat this pandemic.

Again, I am not telling you not to worry about Covid-19. I am asking that we stop panicking and making things worse for ourselves in the long run. Don’t panic buy, but do be prepared for extended time in your home. Only go out in public when absolutely NECESSARY. Use good hygiene.

So please, listen to the CDC guidelines like you do when they tell you not to eat the lettuce.

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