I’m Baaaaa-aaaaaaccckkk!

Wow. It has been a long time. Too long. And life has been a rollercoaster. Well, you don’t need me to tell you that. The whole world is still a rollercoaster.

When the pandemic began it’s spread across our country, I told myself I would continue to write weekly. I was not going to be deterred by any amount of chaos a virus could bring. Once the schools went virtual, I began losing my hold. I am a creature of habit. Loss of structure in my life began to effect me. And, well, here I am nearly a full year later. But it wasn’t all bad.

My family took the time to grow and change and learn together. I know many of you out there have suffered tremendously this past year, so I do not say any of this to boast or rub it in your face. But I managed to flourish a little during this pandemic. I’ve never been a very social person, so having a valid reason to stay home made me happy. I am beyond blessed to have a steady job that allowed me to work from home and still receive a paycheck.

Much of 2020’s wedding season was cancelled, and along with it chunk of my husband’s time and income. But he does not like to sit idle, and quickly found a way to fill his/our time. We became farmers. Not three days after my last post, he disappeared to the store and returned with a box of fuzzy little chicks. There is so much of a story there, it will be it’s own post soon. When the school year started up and my husband traded in his camera for a “normal” job, we downsized the farm. Then we became snowboarders (perhaps that story will be it’s own post as well).

Near the beginning, I struggled with finding the new identity of my job. And I haven’t stopped struggling since. My job description seems to change on an almost weekly basis. To put a positive spin on it, I have had ample opportunity to learn new skills and put them to use. I have also learned to incorporate the words “pivot” and “unprecedented” into more conversations than I thought possible.

I hope this post finds my readers happy and healthy (both physically and mentally). Please know that I have been thinking of you all this past year while tackling a world of change with my family. I know you are all care-worn and tired of fighting against this pandemic. Keep with it. Maintain your social distance, wear your mask, get your vaccine when you are able, and keep loving yourself and others.

Happy to be back,

Nurse Potato

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