The Farm Life Chronicles

While the pandemic, with its stay at home orders, has caused duress for many, I found myself blossoming. I have always been a homebody. My husband has always joked that if we could make our house completely sustainable, I would never leave. He is probably right. And with the newly granted extra time at home, we decided to step towards that end goal. We had often talked about making our home into a homestead, but had never made fully developed plans. We have a (sometimes terrible) habit of being an all or nothing household.

Then my husband came home with chickens. He had made a trip to the grocery store for much needed supplies. He was not happy to find that he couldn’t get many of the things on our list, and when he went to grab a carton of eggs, the only ones left were nearly $6/dozen. It was a tipping point for him. He had grown up on a small farm and is no stranger to the hard work it takes to make a homestead work.

If I am being totally honest, I wasn’t very happy at first. But it was a blessing in disguise for me. Once we started working on a permanent living space for the birds, I realized just how much I had just been lazing around the house. And, while I appreciate a good lazy day now and then, I am much happier being productive and active.

Our first set of little chicks brought to our Murray Funny Farm

These little guys have helped me to make the most of what could have been a terrible year. I enjoyed learning about how to raise them and will continue to enjoy learning about keeping my flock healthy and happy.

Farm chronicles to be continued…

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