Summer Fun Part 2

As a follow up to my last post, I am indeed trying to enjoy every last drop of my summer. Unfortunately, the alternating bouts of heat and rain seem to have squashed our hopes for a camping trip. We’ve been managing to have lots of fun other ways though!

We have certainly been taking advantage of the nice days when we get them. We have been able to take a couple kayaking adventures, as well as a hiking trip or two.

My youngest absolutely loves art projects, so we also managed to squeeze a couple fun summer projects in, both of which ended up being so, so much fun First he wanted to do a shaving cream painting. Turns out, he and I had different ideas of what the entailed, but we made it work.

A little paint to a little shaving cream goes a loooonnnnng way!

My personal favorite part of this project was using what was left in the can to have a shaving cream battle!

Our other art project was bubble art. Food coloring + bubble solution + paper = a lot of fun and cute artwork!

I only have 1 week and 1 day until I start back to work, so my summer is certainly winding down. But our fun isn’t over yet. My favorite hometown festival is happening this week, and I plan to enjoy every last drop of summer I have left….which may or may not include putting up my fall decorations.


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