Quitters Never Prosper…Or Do They?

Is it ok to quit? Moreover, is it ok to let your kids quit? This is very divided subject. Some say it makes kids weak and less resilient to difficult changes in life. Others say it is liberating and helps kids grow as individuals seeking out personal growth.

I can see both sides of the argument. And personally, I stand in the middle ground. Facing challenges, learning to overcome obstacles, and never giving up are admirable traits to have. But knowing when to say enough to avoid being in a miserable position is a another great quality to possess.

This fall, our daughter wanted to play basketball. She’s always loved the sport, but ended up having a personality clash with the coach. She begged us to quit. We told her to stick it out since she had asked to play. As the season progressed and we went to her games, we could see how miserable she was and how it seemed like her skills had gotten worse instead of better. At that point we told her she could quit if she wanted, but she didn’t want to disappoint her teammates. She finished the season, but now she has made it clear that she will not be playing basketball in the future.

Fast forward to spring: My youngest has played t-ball in years past and has always enjoyed it. So I didn’t hesitate to sign him up for coach pitch this year. Wrong move. Apparently he didn’t really want to play baseball this year, but agreed to play since he was already signed up. First practice was a Saturday noon that happened to be an extremely hot, sunny day.

He told his coach that he hibernates in the summer, and that it was just too hot for him. After practice he immediately asked if he had to go back. I asked a few questions to be sure he wanted to quit for the right reasons. And I made sure he understood that this would be his final decision and that there would be no going back this season. He agreed and I told him it was ok to quit. I did not want a repeat of basketball.

I have seen my kids conquer the things that they want to conquer. The youngest worked and worked all winter long at hitting the perfect box rail on his snowboard. I see no problems for their future as long as they know how to overcome obstacles for a goal they want.

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