The Whirlwind Adventures of Murrays: Snowbird Edition

Back in November a fresh snow fell, and I was ecstatic. It was time to start up our favorite family activity again: snowboarding. The season began just the same as the past two years had-with us chasing our youngest down the terrain park, watching him ride over boxes and ollie and nollie his way down … Continue reading The Whirlwind Adventures of Murrays: Snowbird Edition

CPR Awareness

I tend to shy away from writing posts that concern another person’s ongoing health issues. I wouldn’t want to intrude where I don’t belong. But after watching Damar Hamlin’s collapse during the Bills-Bengals game, I felt strongly compelled to write about something that, as a nurse, is very important to me. I want to start … Continue reading CPR Awareness

Father’s Day: A Brief History

Photo by Tim Mossholder: Anyone who knows me, knows I am an extremely proud West Virginian. I have made several posts about my beautiful state, including the origin story of Mother’s Day. So it tickled me to find a WV tie while researching for a Father’s Day post. In 1907, 362 miners died in … Continue reading Father’s Day: A Brief History