Summer Fun

Summer is flying by. I say that every year, but this year it seems quicker than ever. June went by in a wave of heat filled days that seemed to miserable to do much of anything. July has cooled off a little, but is going by so quickly I can’t seem to plan anything to be done.

Sometimes, when the days seems to be slipping by so fast, I like to slow myself down and reflect. Am I having the summer I want to have? On first thought, the answer is almost always no. I haven’t camped enough. I haven’t kayaked enough. I haven’t spent enough quality time with my kids. But I am fortunate enough to have the entire summer off. And summer break is not over yet.

While I may not be able to cram pack everything I want in the rest of summer, I certainly can spend quality time with my family. And who knows, maybe we can spend that time doing some of the activities haven’t gotten around to. The point to this rambling post is: it’s never too late to make things happen. Go out there and live life.


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